Are you afraid of digital marketing? It could be costing you a fortune

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The thing about revolutions is that they happen fast! Otherwise it would just be called evolution.

And when a revolution occurs there are inevitably those that are left standing there thinking – what just happened?

Is this you and the digital marketing revolution?

Do you get intimidated by words like Inbound Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation and Click Through Rates?

If you are you are not alone, this is what has happened to a large section of the business population who were busy networking, pressing the flesh and continuing to build their business through the proven and tested traditional techniques. After all their client base weren’t buying their services online. Online purchases were reserved for books and music not professional services or high priced items.

And that was very true, until it wasn’t!

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In the blink of an eye the digital marketing revolution came and set traditional approaches to marketing spinning (maybe that’s why they call it a revolution!?) And now everything from Financial Services, Legal Advice to furniture and gas boilers are being sold online just like books on Amazon.

Before the revolution you had to deal with The Client Generation Trap – needing time to attract new customer while simultaneously trying to service the ones that you have meaning that you are trapped by the total amount of clients that you can service at any one time!

Now you have another challenge, Digital Marketing! And to make matters worse your competitors are now attracting, engaging and converting clients online and if you don’t learn how then your business is going to suffer. You know that it is the solution to The Client Generation Trap, but you know nothing about digital marketing. Maybe you have a website but that has been there for years and it never really “worked”. Now you feel trapped again between what you need to do and what you know how to do!


But here’s the thing, while most people involved in digital marketing like to talk in TLA’s (Three Letter Abbreviations) like SEO, PPC, CTR, SMM and SEM this is because they believe that their generation invented these concepts when the truth is that all digital marketing is relationship marketing. Building trust and rapport with a prospect in order to get them to the next step in your sales process. And you’ve been doing this since the first day you put on a suit and tie (something that most digital marketers don’t own!).

But the digital marketers modern sounding buzzword for this is micro-commitment. They want a website visitor (a prospective client to you or me) to make a micro-commitment and take the next step in the sales funnel. And while your next step would be a meeting or a cup of coffee theirs might be a client requesting some digital content like a report or a guide.

The concepts are the same, they haven’t changed, they’ve just started calling them by different names.

And when you think of it like this the process becomes less intimidating. And as for the technical knowledge to implement it all, well that’s something that is best outsourced to the technical experts anyway. This is after all what your competitors are doing!

But to start the ball rolling on your digital evolution, check out our FREE Website Cheat Sheet & Video. If you are going to make some changes to your digital presence this is where you need to start!

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