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Convert More Website Visitors - David Russell

5 Secrets to Convert More Website Visitors in to Clients

One of the biggest challenges for any business with an online presence is how to convert more website visitors into paying clients. Seeing…
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Are you afraid of digital marketing? It could be costing you a fortune

The thing about revolutions is that they happen fast! Otherwise it would just be called evolution. And when a revolution occurs there are…
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SEO Don’t Spend Any Money On It Till You Do This First

If you are considering engaging an SEO company – STOP! If you already employ an SEO company – Proceed with caution and read…
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Unleashing the Power of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an extremely powerful platform that continues to evolve as a business tool. However, most individuals and companies do not capitalise on…
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The 3 Biggest Mistakes Professional Services Companies Make Online

Professional services companies have a massive opportunity to expand their businesses online. Lawyers, accountants, wealth managers, health practitioners and other professionals must embrace…
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What is Conversion Rate Optimization

Selling something online, whether it's a brand or service, seems like a very straightforward transaction. The client visits the site, finds what he…
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The Importance of A/B Testing

The effectiveness of a marketing campaign can only really be evaluated by testing it against variations of itself. This process is known as…
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How do we find and keep customers?

A common challenge for business at every stage of its evolution. However most businesses commit the same crime and sabotage their own client…
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Search Rankings: What Is Google Really Up To?

The World Wide Web is the biggest source of information for users looking for products and services. Moreover, as more transactions shift online,…
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Why Your Website’s Days Are Numbered

The information age has changed the way we do business and interact with customers. Commerce is now moving away from brick and mortar…
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