Did You Know That Most Hackers Already Know Your WP Admin Login Name?

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95% of the websites built with WordPress use the same default username, which most site owners never change making it easy for a hacker to gain access to their site.

This default username are known by every hacker!

Your WordPress sites login screen is like a door that contains 2 locks. The key to the first lock is the username and the key to the second is your password. Obviously, both are needed to unlock your site.

If someone knows your password, he will still needs to know your username and vice-versa, which can make bypassing your site’s security difficult.

However, in every WordPress site, the default administration username is ‘admin’. If this is also your case, you are half way to be hacked as they have the key to the first lock!From there all a hacker needs to do is to start a brute force attack and get your password cracked in a day. If you think that a “brute force” attack sounds like a complicated and sophisticated procedure, it’s not! Just search for the numerous tutorials available on YouTube to see how easy this can be done.

However, there is a very quick and easy solution to this security loophole. Here’s what to do to make it more secure……..

Follow this simple 3 step procedure to fix this:

1. As it is not possible to change the login name of administrator account in WordPress, first, you need to create a new username with ‘administrator’ access making sure it’s not easy to guess.

2. After creating the new account, login with it and delete the old username ‘admin’.

3. When WordPress asks you to transfer the posts and pages to another username, select the new username and proceed.

You have successfully created a new username and deleted the default ‘admin’ user!

There are more than 30 default values/settings that needs your attention in order to make your WordPress Website secure. Do you want to test your Website’s Security for free? Click on the banner below and take the assessment to determine how secure your WordPress site is.


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