SEO Don’t Spend Any Money On It Till You Do This First

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If you are considering engaging an SEO company – STOP! If you already employ an SEO company – Proceed with caution and read on!

A business that does not have effective strategies to attract, engage and convert visitors to paying clients will waste money on SEO!

Many companies are offering SEO services as if it is a cure-all for your business. Just spend x per month with them and your website will appear on the first page in Google! They lure you in with the promise of huge volumes of traffic to your website and visions of all the business that this will bring. And they can do this for the super low price of 499 per month (euros, dollars or sterling – delete as applicable!) or packages as low as 199 a month!

Really! I mean REALLY!

If all that your business needed was to employ the service of an SEO expert for the price of your daily sandwich and cup of coffee each month, don’t you think everybody would be doing this!

Now don’t get me wrong search engine optimization is an important tool for increasing traffic to your website. In fact, every business must have an SEO strategy if they are to get ahead of their competitors. SEO will propel you up search engine rankings and make you more visible to your target clients. This will translate into an increase in quality traffic and potentially higher revenues for your company. But this doesn’t happen in a vacuum as SEO is not a standalone service that delivers instant results. There are a few things that you must put in place before you spend any money on SEO.

A business that does not have effective strategies to attract, engage and convert visitors to paying clients will waste money on SEO. This will lead to an SEO strategy that will not bear fruit. This would be the equivalent of running a brick and mortar store and getting a flood of new traffic to your shop front but not displaying any of your products in the window, having a door that doesn’t open properly and employing staff that file their nails while prospects browse your wares. In this instance all the extra traffic is wasted and any money spent on the promotions to generate it, is wasted too!

And this is what most companies offering SEO services will do for your business, get you higher up in Google. And let’s be honest, this is what we really mean when we talk about Search Engine Optimisation – Google Optimisation! (with 80%+ of the search traffic – why not!). SEO companies will use their bag of tricks to generate more traffic to your site and then what? More traffic = more sales right? Well yes probably, in so far as the nail filing staff will probably sell more with a full shop of potential customers than one with tumble-weed blowing through the door. But is sending quality prospects to a bad experience – good business sense?

So ok, I’ll say it again (and probably not for the last time either!), a business that does not have effective strategies to attract, engage and convert visitors to paying clients will waste money on SEO.

“But we’re getting more traffic and more sales!”

Yes, you are! But how many more sales would our shop get if we fixed the broken door, created an amazing window display, fired our nail filing waste of space and hired a kick-ass professional sales executive? 5%, 10%, 50%, 300%, more?

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And this is what you need to do before you consider spending a cent on SEO services, you must optimize (read dramatically improve) your sites ability to engage and convert the traffic that arrives at your shop, or in your case, your website.

It doesn’t matter what business that you are in whether it’s professional services like lawyers, accountants, financial advisors or you sell physical products like furniture, clothes or even boilers, your ability to engage and convert the visitors to your site is the most important factor when it comes to your ability to grow your business online.

Your website is key!


Your website is central to increasing your conversion rates. All efforts to increase traffic with SEO or even Pay Per Click advertising will not work if you have a website that is not designed to engage and convert visitors. In fact your website maybe doing more harm than good to your business and as a result extra traffic from SEO might mean that those that visit your site now will form the wrong opinion of you and won’t engage with you again in the future. An expensive lost opportunity as you lose them to your competitor who has set up his site to engage and convert their website visitors in to paying clients.

A business that does not have effective strategies to attract, engage and convert visitors to paying clients will waste money on SEO (I told you that I’d say it again!)

How will you know if your engagement and conversions are low?

  1. Your website has a poor return on investment

Money that you have spent on Pay Per Click advertising, SEO or other digital marketing initiatives have not generated the expected return on investment. You have probably been left with a bad taste in your mouth from your engagement with some so-called SEO or PPC “Expert” after believing their claims.

  1. Your website design

Your business reputation will be judged by the appearance of your website. Does your site have a professional look and feel to it, or does it look clunky and outdated? Does it have engaging content, great navigation and an attractive layout? Web design is a fast changing industry, so what worked a few years ago will most likely fail today. But that said, a flashy new website designed by a trendy web company, doesn’t guarantee that it will engage visitors and convert them in to clients. Most web design companies (read “practically every single one”) pays more attention to the aesthetic design than to the sites ability to engage and convert. There is a science and a psychology involved in setting up a site to move your prospect seamlessly along the path to being a paying client. These skills are hard to come by!

  1. You have never given any thought to how your site engages or converts clients

If you have never given any thought to how your website engages or converts clients chances are that it will engage and convert them very poorly. If the “User Experience”, or the “Client Journey”, or the “Sales Funnel Design”, were not part of the conversations that your web designer had with you, again chances are that this is seriously lacking from your site at a huge cost to your business.

  1. Your website is not fully functional

Does your website have broken links, poor navigation, missing images and duplicate or outdated content? Today’s website must be fully functional, have engaging content and include mobile functionality to prevent high bounce rates. If your site is slow, hard to use or find information on it, then it is killing your lead generation efforts by putting off visitors.

Have a look at it critically yourself, if you struggle, guess how appealing it will be for a new visitor. Get someone to test it for you. If you can’t afford to hire a professional to do this, ask someone that you know will give you honest feedback. And be prepared for the truths they might tell you!

  1. Google Analytics

Have you got Google Analytics installed on your site? If not, get it installed. This will give you all the quantitative data that you need that will tell you how well visitors are interacting with your site. Look at things like Bounce Rate (the amount of people that land on a page on your site and leave without visiting another), Average Page Views (the number of pages that a visitor views on your site – the more pages the more engaging your content) and Average Time On Page (the average time someone spends on a page on your site – again the more time the more engagement that is happening). These are only a tiny sample of the many invaluable pieces of information and data that can be gleaned from having Google Analytics installed on your site.

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  1. Your website is not integrated with other marketing efforts

Is your website integrated with all your other marketing efforts? These include social media marketing, email marketing and paid advertising as well as all your offline marketing efforts. Your website is only part of your entire marketing strategy, not a marketing strategy in itself. Only when it is seamlessly integrated with all of your online and offline marketing efforts will it give you a great return on investment.


So before you spend any money on SEO services you have to improve the ability of your website to engage and convert visitors in to paying clients.

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This is the best way to avoid wasting loads of money on SEO because ……………

Let’s say it together one more time………


A business that does not have effective strategies to attract, engage and convert visitors to paying clients will waste money on SEO!

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