How do we find and keep customers?

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A common challenge for business at every stage of its evolution.

However most businesses commit the same crime and sabotage their own client seeking efforts without ever being aware!

As a result they are losing valuable leads and sales & wasting precious time, resources and money!

Most of us are familiar with the clichéd story about the frog and the pot of boiling water. If you are not it goes something like this; if for some unknown cruel reason you were to throw a live frog in to a pot of boiling water apparently the frog will jump straight out. If on the other hand you put the frog in to a pot of cold water and slowly bring it to the boil, it will stay there until its skin falls off and it dies apparently oblivious to the rising temperature and its impending conclusion. Because the change in temperature is gradual the frog becomes unaware of the changes that are occurring. However, in the first instance there is a massive change in temperature and the frog flees quickly.

Our belief in our products and services coupled with our intimate knowledge of them can cause us to act act like we are throwing our clients in to the proverbial pot of boiling water, otherwise know as our sale and marketing efforts or our client on-boarding process.

We try to move them from prospect, to lead, to engaged client too quickly because of our impatience to get them on-board. But it is exactly this impatience that scares the client like the scalded frog.

We ask for too much information too soon or we ask our clients to learn too much about our product or service too quickly. The more complex our product or services the more we can be guilty of this. We may look for too big of a commitment too early in the relationship, effectively scaring off the prospect and losing a sale.

Think of it this way; imagine that you are on a first date and over dinner your date proposes marriage or asks how many kids the two of you should have.

Too much commitment too soon and a second date never happens!

Is your client on-boarding process, user experience or marketing funnel like this?

All too often, without us even realizing it is.

And this can be the cause of massive leakage of prospects, leads and sales as it can leave potential clients with a sense of overwhelm and confusion and as we know a confused mind doesn’t act!

 The solution however, is quite simple.

  1. Map out your current on-boarding process, so that you know exactly what you are asking the client to commit to at each stage.
  2. Identify the steps in your process that can be broken down in to smaller micro-commitments.
  3. Monitor & measure the flow of prospects/leads/clients through each of the steps to see what works and where further improvements can be made.

Applying these three simple steps to your on-boarding process will quickly allow you to plug any holes in your sale and marketing funnel.

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