Ever wondered what it's like to step inside the mind of your prospects and see what they really think when they visit your website?.......

A Thorough Report about Your Website through the Eyes of a Potential Customer, for a Very Special Price.

Before we get to the Offer, here’s a vitally important Question; How do you know your Website is doing its job? 

  • How do you know it’s converting the most possible visitors into leads?
  • How do you know that, when a visitor lands on your site, they find it easy to navigate?
  • How can you be sure it’s giving them the professional, trustworthy and capable impression that you need to convert leads to sales?

Most importantly, how do you know it’s not making them head directly to your competition because of some unknown negative?

The fact is, unless you know, for sure, what potential customers are thinking when they’re on your website…

You could be losing a LOT of business and a LOT of profits.

Let’s face it, you put a lot of time, effort and money into creating your website.

If it’s not excellent at converting leads, that’s all going down the drain!

Now imagine this;

An in-depth Report that told you everything potential customers found wrong, ‘off’ or just plain aggravating about your site..

A Report that showed where they got ‘stuck’, where they had a problem with navigation, and how easy (or not so easy) it is to complete certain important tasks.

A Report that shows you what your potential customer was thinking, so that you could fix any problems they encountered, and boost conversions and sales through the roof!

If that sounds like a great plan, you’re going to love our special offer;
Our Website Conversion Check-Up for only €25!

With the Website Conversion Check-Up you’ll get into the mind of a potential customer who’s on your website, because my team and I will visit your site as if we were one of them.

When we do, we record a 10 Minute Screen capture to record what we find, and then summarize everything in your custom Report.

The information you get can be incredibly valuable, allowing you to finally see all the bugs, problems and more that are seriously hurting your conversion rate.

I think you’ll agree, it’s definitely worth €25 to be able to know exactly what potential customers think when they land on your website, so you can make the changes needed to keep them there and convert them into a paying customer!

As a new subscriber, we’ve cut the price from €79 down to only €25, but it won’t be available forever, so click the link to sign up for your Website Conversion Check-Up right now!

By the way, when you do, please give us at least 2 to 3 days lead time to create your video, your Report and schedule your FREE 30 MINUTE PHONE CONSULTATION WITH ME.

Yep, that’s right; when you purchase the Website Conversion Check-Up, you get 30 minutes with me, where I show you how to improve the problems we found and increase your conversions like mad!

Plus, I’ll also give you suggestions for creating a KILLER LEAD GENERATION TOOL FOR YOUR SPECIFIC MARKET!

So, for the incredibly low price of just €25, you get;

1) Your Website Conversion Check-Up with Video and Report

2) A 30 Minute Phone Consultation with me, Dave Russell

3) Excellent suggestions to create a killer lead generation tool

Friends, the cost is super-low, the benefits are extremely obvious, but this Special Offer won’t last long so CLICK THE LINK to get your Website Conversion Check-Up today!

It’s the best way to make 100% sure that your Website is really, truly doing its job!

Dave Russell

CEO & Founder