Why Your Website’s Days Are Numbered

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The information age has changed the way we do business and interact with customers. Commerce is now moving away from brick and mortar stores into the online arena. Long gone are the days when a company website was built to simply inform customers about products and services.

Your company website holds the key to increased revenues or loss of market share to competitors. If your website does not engage visitors and convert them into paying customers, your days are numbered. Generating online revenues has become an aggressive winner-takes-all game.

Every website must have the following attributes if it is to add value to your business:

Great design and content

Great navigation, an attractive layout, and killer content are a must when it comes to good website design. Your site should be easy to navigate and understand. Every element of the site should be functional and accessible with a consistent layout, fast loading pages, and minimal scrolling. All information should be up to date, interesting, sharable, and useful to readers. It must answer questions and deal with objections in an honest manner.

Increased visibility

A well designed site will not market itself and attract visitors. Your site should be promoted by all means. This includes pay per click advertising, search engine optimization, blogging, and social media marketing. This will drive traffic to your site and generate leads.

Engagement factor

Raising the engagement level on your site is important for widening the sales funnel and lowering your bounce rate. It is about giving users what they want through well crafted content, and helping them get to it quickly and easily.

This can be achieved through chat and click-to-call functionality, which facilitates interaction, questions, or scheduling of appointments. Integrating your site with social media platforms also raises engagement through content sharing, liking, interaction and entertainment.

High conversion rates

It is one thing to draw traffic, but a totally different matter to turn visitors into paying customers. This is where most websites fail. There are several ways of increasing your conversion rate. They include:

•A/B Testing: This is the best way to find out what works and what doesn’t. Only then will you be able to offer your customers what really appeals to them.
•Value proposition: This should be compelling and distinct from your competitors. Give your visitors good reason to buy from you by communicating value.
•Sales funnel: A good sales funnel creates awareness, generates interest, and nurtures before asking for a sale. Asking for a sale too quickly puts off users.
•Build trust: Contact details, site security, verifiable information, and letting customers know who is on your team builds trust and loyalty.
•Make buying easy: This can be done through free shipping, simple payment options, shorter forms to fill, and letting visitors buy without signing up.

A great website must earn its keep, and not become another unnecessary cost to your bottom line. Failure to widen your sales funnel and engage visitors can damage your reputation as much as not having a website. Furthermore, customers are relying on online information to gauge and judge your business. Get it wrong or use half measures and you may as well let your competitors crash your party.

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